Hi! I'm Rachit.

I like to build products that help people live better lives.

I study computer science and product development at the University of Maryland.

Most recently completed an internship at Redfin, working on an awesome product called Redfin Now.

Lover of tacos, traveling, pasta, photography (enjoy the backgrounds), other food, yoga, traveling, and possibly, you. Or your company.

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Here’s a collection of some projects I’ve worked on, ranging from product design and research to development and engineering to consulting. I’ve completed these in various settings, including internships, classes, and just for fun.

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University of Maryland, College Park

College Park, MD · B.S., Computer Science, Product Development · Spring 2020

I’m currently majoring in computer science and developing a custom major plan/proposal for product development (coursework geared towards user research, customer-centric UI and UX design, and business strategy). Some organizations and programs I actively participate in include the QUEST Honors Program (systems design, process improvement, and consulting), DCC Honors College (design), and Sigma Nu (serving as the social chairman for fall 2018).

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Engineering + Product Intern, Redfin

Seattle, WA · Summer 2018

Redfin is a customer-centric real estate tech company that aims to redefine real estate in the consumer’s favor. I did engineering and product work on a fairly new team called Redfin Now, which provides a hassle-free way for homeowners to sell their home quickly, directly to Redfin.

I worked with UX designers and researchers, product managers, analysts, business folks, and engineers on other teams to design and develop a new merchandising experiment (A/B test) for Redfin Now on the customer-facing site (redfin.com). I also worked with a team of support agents to assess their needs as users of our internal Agent Tools, and consequently added new useful features to Agent Tools.

My experience as a “Redfintern” was amazing; the internship program was fun (we went hiking with Glenn, our CEO), the work was real (I was shipping features to production by my 2nd week!), and I truly appreciate that the company’s fundamental goal is to help people.

Engineering + Product Intern, LendUp

San Francisco, CA · Summer 2017

LendUp is a mission-driven financial tech company focused on social impact; it aims to provide anyone with a path to better financial health. I did engineering and product work on a relatively new team for the LendUp Card, an innovative credit card product designed for people who want to build their credit and improve their financial health.

As a part of the Card team, I worked alongside an incredible group of engineers, designers, data architectures, business analysts, and product managers to grow the credit card that works for anyone. I PM’d (wrote briefs, tickets, specs), designed, and engineered a brand-new “transaction synthesis” feature for the Card mobile app. As a result, we could learn more about how our users used our product and users could learn useful insights about their purchases. During the LendUp hackathon, I helped enhance accessibility for vision-impaired users in the mobile app.

My experience as a LendUp intern was terrific; the internship program was enjoyable, I was shipping real code to millions of users, and most importantly, the company itself has a valuable, mission-driven goal of helping the 56% of hard-working Americans who don’t have access to traditional credit.

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Software Engineering Intern, BookHolders

College Park, MD · Summer 2016, Winter 2017

BookHolders is a small business dedicated to providing college students with a financially accommodating alternative to traditionally expensive textbooks.

I worked as a part of a small engineering team to revamp our website and mobile app for both internal employees and our end users/customers (college students). This included performing major upgrades to our internal Android app (a UI/UX overhaul, integration with Flask backend services), designing and developing a brand-new user dashboard in React, optimizing data scrapers to automate inventory purchases, and working on barcode generation algorithms to dynamically print USPS labels.

As my first software engineering internship, BookHolders was a very fulfilling learning experience and perfect gateway for me to get my feet wet as a part of a real engineering environment with meaningful work.

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Aside from my work, education, and experience, I enjoy a lot of things.

Listening to fresh music or weirdly interesting podcasts is always fun, along with reading a book every now and then.

And when I get time I enjoy traveling to explore new cultures and cuisines, and taking photos while doing so. Hope you like the backgrounds on this page — if you like them, check out my Flickr.

Tacos are delicious. So is pasta, and ramen. And so are many other foods. Big fan of trying random new foods (but NOT a “foodie”).